Welcome to West Mobile Mounts Inc.

We are the premier wholesale supplier and manufacturer for Land Mobile Radio Antenna Mounts, Brackets, Speakers, Fuse Splitters, and Face Plates.

All our antenna brackets and radio mounts are designed for your convenience to meet your requirements no matter what vehicle you are working on.

We’ve been operating for over 30 years and our experience and knowledge has gained us a reputation for quality products and exceptional customer experience.

Our brackets are unique and specifically designed for the environment that two-way radios are used in. From the fender contour-following antenna mount to the 19” rack mount, each bracket is custom engineered to the highest quality.

Many of our products today came directly from the express requirement of our customers. With the local design and manufacturing, items can be produced to specific requirements. We’re always interested in hearing about product ideas that meet a need in the evolving two-way radio industry.

West Mobile Mounts Inc.’ focus is producing durable products that make installs functionally and aesthetically professional. As a result, our products make installations extremely easy for your technicians!