West Mobile Mounts Inc. began in 1980 manufacturing and marketing oscillating frequency crystals. The company soon gained a reputation for quality product and exceptional customer service. As the demand for oscillating crystals began to decrease, our primary customers conveyed the need for specialized hardware. The two-way radio industry was in need of brackets for mounting radios and antennas in a large variety of vehicles.

The company now manufactures and markets professional quality brackets, speakers and installation accessories for mounting two-way radios.

Our brackets are unique and specifically designed for the environment that two-way radios are used in. From the fender couture following antenna mount to the 19” rack mount, each bracket is custom engineered to the highest quality.

Many of our products today came directly from the express requirement of our customers. With the local design and manufacturing, items can be produced to the specific requirements of our customers. We are always interested in hearing about product ideas that meet a need in the evolving two-way radio industry.

West Mobile Mount’s focus is producing durable products that make installs functionally and aesthetically professional. As a result, our products make installations extremely easy for your technicians!